Painter, originally from Ontario, Denise has lived in several states and other than her original home; the past 26 years have been an exploration of living in several states including beach towns and 15 years in New Orleans, her second "home" and now in the Bayou Country of South Louisiana.  She started drawing at a very young age with a gift of beginner artists' supplies when she was 7 years old. By high school, embraced by art teachers after her mom passed away at 39 from leukemia, she started studying portraits and figures. The young entrepreneur she was, she sold copies of drawings to fellow high school students of some musicians of the 1980's. Again in University of Windsor art studies, she found a couple of her figure drawing and a watercolor professors, who she believed worked outside of the typical curriculum of that time in the late 80's, to be her greatest influences, although the rest of the program did not suit her artistic and entrepreneurial drive. Shortly after school, she opened a local art supply shop and gallery and conducted art lessons. She admits looking back, although a crazy venture to want to have a business at such a young age, it was a great learning experience and very telling.  

In 1993 she moved to the Southern US from the Carolinas, Georgia, Arizona, Florida and Louisiana to spread her artistic wings. With those great intentions, life and careers, other than art, got in the way of painting for many years; just doing some artwork when she could, mostly watercolor.  She always had the desire to be a full-time artist, told by some she couldn't (since art is just a hobby she was informed) and encouraged fully by others. It was a struggle to battle that need. However, tell her she cannot and her determination to succeed skyrockets! 

In 2012, in New Orleans, working too many hours in a corporate job, still struggling to fit in painting time, she made the important decision to take charge of her life and created a painting (Throw Me Something Mister!) then the artwork flowed! She moved to Florida to escape "real life" and gain some new inspiration.  Never afraid of failure or change, she returned to New Orleans.  Denise, now in her 50’s, is finally living the life she intended for many years, balancing whatever life throws at her and ultimately spending as much time as possible in her home art studio.

More prolific than ever, her paintings depict slices of daily life over the many years.  She creates narrative paintings with a lot of color, a hint of whimsy and figurative flow and also dives deep into sketching and drawing.  After recently teaching from her studio, what she calls coaching and motivating, to push students to the next level of creativity, technique and color, she takes her own advice. And she is looking for the next adventure in art; now seeking out the local touches of New Orleans and surrounding areas in Louisiana she will work and visit to create.

As a friend told her with encouragement as she was making fearful moves in her art career, "Just let your art catch everyone's attention".








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