About Me

As early as I can remember, growing up in Windsor Ontario, I loved art; loved to draw and sketch at an early age.  I still remember the first art "set" I received from my parents, around 7 years old, of charcoal pencils, colored pencils and real art paper!  I set out to draw houses, landscapes and people, practicing perspective at an early age.  From there I concentrated on art throughout high school and college.  Fast-forwarding, life "got in the way" and although being an artist was always my intention, I became trapped or forced in the must-work-a-regular-job and art-is-a-hobby mentality.  I would draw and paint when I could although being inspired was difficult at times.  Stress and pressures will swipe the inspiration from an artist. Then in 2012, at 44 years old, I painted "Throw Me Something" and something just clicked! Life was going great and in a positive direction and from there I sought out my dream. With the encouragement and faith of my family and friends, I made the move to be what I always wanted to be when I grew up...an Artist.

Today: An adventure in art! That best describes my often colorful, often whimsical and eclectic array of artwork I've created for hopefully your enjoyment and purchase.

I am not set on a particular subject or muse; it's usually a person or place that gives me that inspiration. As you can see in my portfolio my subjects range from quirky beach to New Orleans and Mardi Gras to family...subjects run across the board.  Arm me with a camera and a story - I will talk to anyone and feel their energy.  Perhaps my story should be more complex; be filled with accolades, glories and awards to entice you.  But, as a friend recently told me: just let your art catch everyone’s attention. 

I hope you enjoy my collection!


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