new beginnings

The Painting I Will Never Sell

I painted this watercolor after a trip my dad and I took back in around 1991 through the Blue Ridge Parkway to Myrtle Beach.  This is the trip that changed my life...the trip that made me say I need to explore this world and see what it has for me.  The drive was beautiful, late summer; and I captured what seemed a million photos as we traveled.  And this little broke building, home, house, shack...whatever it blocked by signs to vote for someone named Hall we don't even know as we drove through the mountains.

After this trip I painted this little watercolor, about 30 minutes in one color, Paynes Grey.  My dad LOVED it! He framed it and hung it proudly in our home.  Today thinking about brings tears to my eyes.  He knew.  It really was good!  When I look at it now it is like my art meditation sketches now.  To get in that flow state where you cannot stop, even if it is but 30 is 30 minutes of peace.

I will never sell this painting.  The fact that is meant so much to my dad only serves as a sign to keep moving toward my dreams.  There is something about being in a flow state for a painting or drawing that separates itself from the rest of my work.  Being at peace.