And I'm Back in New Orleans

Ya just can't keep me away, New Orleans!

Many things just fell into place a couple months ago and although I still had to jump without a net, I did it...every sign just pointed me back to New Orleans.  

And the past few weeks I have felt so happy and "alive" and balanced and free! I find my inspiration is exploding!  I have a few commissions already and I will also be working from home for a family-owned tugboat company out of Houma, Louisiana.  I am so grateful as I can split the time with both careers and would not have to put my art on the back burner as I had to in  the past.

New beginnings, same old place I love.  

New Orleans has always been a part of my heart and soul since I first visited around 1990 during Jazz Fest.  I just knew it this city was my "home".  I can't explain it, but some of you out there really understand.

So as I listen to the docks on the Mississippi working in the background, the train passing on the levee and the smell of the seafood boiling and frying from Frankie and Johnny's around the corner, I am contently working away and pretty damn happy.