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Painting: "Fearless" the Inspiration for the painting

 "Fearless" 28x36" acrylic on hand stretch gallery wrapped canvas, March 2017

"Fearless" 28x36" acrylic on hand stretch gallery wrapped canvas, March 2017

The inspiration for this painting came from a slide photo of me when I was about 2 or 3 years old.  I always loved the photo, not just that I was so darn cute lol, but that it brought about emotions I couldn't quite explain previously. Photos from that time in the early 70's were quick, spontaneous, not always clear, contrasting, overexposed colors and a captured moment that could not be duplicated. 

I saw a child who has no idea what will take place in her life. When I look at me in the photo, I didn't know if I was looking at the shy child or me hiding from the wind, or maybe a little smirk to my mom or dad, but I saw innocence and unknowing.  The whole world of this child is a small part of town, maybe some vacations and this world totally revolves around her mom, dad and brother.  She doesn't know her coming childhood and the places they would go as a family; the fun they would have.  She doesn't know the heartache and sadness and loss.  She doesn't see all the fun times with friends she doesn't know yet.  She doesn't know she will fearlessly seek adventure, she would leave everything she knows and leave home.  She doesn't know all the places she will live and the wonderful people she would meet that she will forever carry in her heart on her journey.  She doesn't know all the beauty she will see in the world that will take her breath away.  She also doesn't know the heartbreak, tears and struggles she would endure.  She doesn't know yet that she is strong, she will not give up, she will need to dust herself off and keep going to reach her dreams and do what she loves to do.  She will keep fearlessly seeking adventure, finding new wonderful places and meeting new people...because there is plenty of room in her heart. 

She is still that little girl, approaching life with love and innocence.

She is in every one of us.

The words in the painting represent many of the struggles and triumphs.  The bold saturated color that can be found in old slide photos also represents the sea of emotions as well as the literal sea that has been a huge influence in my life.  And the color and shape of the log also appears as a wave of the sea.  The heart/love is always something strived for to be complete and appears as a target, which it was in the original photo.

The original is currently for sale along with prints of the painting.  You can purchase in the website store or please email me on the contact page.