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New Painting: Lil Audrey

 "Lil Audrey" 24x30 acrylic, rhinestones, sequins on gallery-wrapped canvas

"Lil Audrey" 24x30 acrylic, rhinestones, sequins on gallery-wrapped canvas

I just finished this painting (November 2017...if you are reading in the future!).  It was one I wanted to do for awhile and glad I waited because I tried something new...sewing on sequins! First the painting was inspired by an old slide photo of me dressed up as a "movie star".  Think 1972ish...I have my mom's winter fuzzy hat and scarf with a little brooch, huge sunglasses, a plaid spring coat and a little purse.  I embellished a little from the photo of course with the additions.  This is most children dressing in their mom's clothes, pretending and imagining right?? Putting moms shoes on and maybe covering your face with all the gaudy makeup colors you could find! Or carrying around dad's tool belt and hammer and pretending to work hard and determined.  We watched...they were the stars in our eyes! 

Oh yes, back to the painting, glueing and sewing! I love these old photos to work from...the high contrast colors of the printing, a little overexposed because of the flashcubes used back then (they were blinding! haha). Even if you weren't born before 1980, I'm sure you have seen these old photos. In the photo, my facial features were diminished due to the flash, but I liked that.  I went about my free flow approach to the painting, careful to not overwork any area.  The plaid turned out beautifully and I used fun strokes with a palette knife to create the fuzzy feathery scarf (I pictured it feathery Hollywood style more so than in the photo),  To the hat I applied the white with cotton in spots to pull out the fur-like texture. Then the purse...I wanted it to be special, not take away from the painting but add a little flair.  I decided on sequins.  After being told I was crazy to sew on the sequins (haha you know who y'all are!), I decided it is exactly what I must do.  Details...they are important, as is preservation and dedication to my painting.  Taking a few shades of the pink and a silver, I carefully sewed on the rows of sequins, changing tones...stabbing myself over and over lol. I did have to glue the sequins at the bottom because of the wood from the stretched canvas.  Other fun details were a few carefully placed colored rhinestones on the sunglasses and the brooch. I am really happy how she turned out.  When it was finished I sent a photo of the painting to a friend and she texted back: Audrey! so that is how I came up with the name.  A little Audrey Hepburn.

This painting is currently for sale, and can be purchased in my Shop or send me a message on the Contact page.

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