An Adventure in Art


About Me...the Artist

As early as I can remember, I loved art; loved to sketch and draw at an early age.  I still remember the first art set I received from my parents, around 7 years old, of charcoal pencils, colored pencils and real art paper! I was thrilled!  I set out to draw houses, landscapes and people, even practicing perspective at an early age.  From there I concentrated on art throughout during high school and college. Then I was off...headed south to paint, but things changed. "got in the way" it does with most artists.  Although being a full-time artist was always my intention, I have always become trapped in the life of what I had to do, other than what I wanted to do.  Over the years I got spurts of art creations, which were squelched again by...time.  But, I live in New Orleans, a city full of artistic vibrancy, one that has pulled me in to her charm, history, whimsy and darkness over the years and she has kept me wanting for more in my artistic life.

And today, I have put steps forward in that growth; as much positive energy as I can through my painting or drawing tool onto the surface to which I create. I am not set on a particular subject as you can see in my portfolio of original paintings and sketches; it's usually a person or place that gives me inspiration.  My subjects are across the adventure in art.  Perhaps my story should be filled with accolades, glories and awards to entice you, but as a friend once told me: Just let your art catch everyone's attention.

Enjoy my collection!